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I will add images and more features later. The characters are not final, I may change them when I come up with better names.


A simple text-based game that uses the rock,paper, scissors game mechanic. Every time you guess wrong, the state randomly changes. Each play-through will be unique and there is no pattern to winning. Each time the player chooses wrong, a score is kept which will be shown at the end of the game. The game ends if you choose the wrong choice more than 3 times.


On a sunny day in the tasty kingdom of Taco, a picnic party is starting. You play as Tomto and your friends (Letta, Chee and Oni) have joined you for the party. Everything is peaceful until the local bully Guamo appears from some unknown location. His robot, a miniature Guamo called Mini-Gu, begins to upset your picnic party. Locate Guamo and stop his assault before the party is ruined!